Silicone Self Fusing Handlebar Finishing Tape



Save: 20%

Instant Bond: This silicone grip tape bonds to itself to instantly add protection and traction to your road, mountain, fitness, or gravel bike handles. Wrap it on carefully and permanently increase the comfort of your bicycle handlebars.

Electrical Tape Alternative: This handlebar tape looks and performs better than electrical or silicone water pipe tape. This bike bar tape won’t un-peel or leave a sticky residue if you take it off.

Multiple Uses: Our self-fusing tape isn't just for repairing rubber grips and protecting your handlebar and frame paint. Use it for emergency repairs or to add traction to bike storage hooks or even a stroller, walker or wheel chair handle.

Customize Your Clutch: Our road handlebar tape is available in red, white, black, blue, orange, and yellow, so you can instantly add personalized color and flair to your bars while increasing road safety.

Cycling Satisfaction Guaranteed: We're confident you'll absolutely love your new Domain Cycling Bicycle Handlebar Tape. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, we will take it back or provide a replacement.

UPC: 706199766658